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Full Account Management Control

Our Service Includes

& Analyses
In-depth research and account analyses

Seamless, efficient and low-cost supply chain management
Thorough keyword research, campaigns setup, and ongoing optimization
Brand Strategy
Personalized strategies for overall brand growth

Customer Support
Professional customer support and returns management
Account Health
Monitoring account health KPIs and metrics, Amazon support communication
Catalogue & SEO
Improving SEO and listing performance, technical support and troubleshooting
Daily communication, weekly and monthly reports

Let's Check If You Are a Good Fit

Our Operational Flow

Stage 1
Introductory Meeting (Onboarding)
Meet our brand management team, discuss objectives, and connect to our tracking system.
Stage 2
Research and Analysis
In-depth research on your brand, market, and competitors, followed by a three-month work plan.
Stage 3
Annual Strategy Presentation
Summarize the quarter and present the brand's annual strategy.
Stage 4
Execute the plan, provide updates, assess performance quarterly, and make adjustments as needed.

Why Trust Us?

Proven Expertise
With a track record of 6 years in the competitive landscape of Amazon, we bring seasoned expertise to the table. Our team is SPN certified, ensuring that you receive guidance and management from professionals who understand the intricacies of the Amazon ecosystem.
Successful Track Record
Over the years, we have successfully navigated and managed numerous accounts, gaining insights and experience that set us apart. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our ability to drive success for our clients.
Strategic Partnership
We don't just manage accounts; we build strategic partnerships. By understanding your unique needs and goals, we tailor our services to ensure that every aspect of your Amazon presence is optimized for growth and profitability.
Continuous Learning and Adaptation
The e-commerce landscape is dynamic, and so are we. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve means that we continuously learn, adapt, and implement the latest strategies and technologies to keep your brand at the forefront of Amazon's ever-evolving marketplace.

Curious about the real impact our Full Account Management service can have on your Amazon store? Dive into our case studies and discover how we've transformed challenges into triumphs for businesses like yours.

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Full Account Management
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Full Account Management
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What is included in the Full Management Package?
Our Full Management Package includes brand management, PPC management, comprehensive support, creative services, and logistics management, covering all aspects of managing your brand on Amazon.
How experienced is your team?
Our team boasts 6 years of experience in Amazon management, with a proven track record of delivering results for our satisfied clients.
What metrics and ROI can I expect?
We track various Amazon metrics, including returns, reviews, and ratings, while ensuring a genuine return on investment (ROI) through our strategic approach.
Who makes up your team of experts?
Our team consists of seasoned professionals, including brand managers, advertising managers, creative designers, logistics experts, and customer service professionals, all well-versed in Amazon's nuances.
What does the optimization plan include?
The optimization plan involves strategic brand growth, pricing management, promotion management, and adherence to Amazon's Terms of Service (TOS) and compliance.
How do you handle logistics?
We provide strategic logistics consulting, manage shipping programs, monitor Inventory Performance Index (IPI) metrics, control inventory, and liaise with logistics providers.
Can you elaborate on your PPC management?
Our PPC management covers in-depth keyword research, personalized advertising strategies, campaign creation, and continuous optimization for improved performance.
How do you handle customer service on Amazon?
We respond to messages and emails according to Amazon's rules, monitor product reviews and feedback, handle returns, and manage refunds from Amazon.
What creative services do you offer?
Our creative services include product research, image enhancement or creation, and up to 5 hours of creative support per month for specific projects.
How often do you provide updates, and how is communication maintained?

We offer monthly performance reports and monthly calls to keep you informed about your brand's progress. Additionally, each client receives their personal team of professionals, including a seasoned brand manager, and we use chat software for ongoing communication to ensure seamless collaboration and support throughout the process.

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