PPC Management



Our client faced the challenge of exceptionally high ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), exacerbated by the product's lower rating compared to competitors. The goal was to improve advertising metrics despite these difficulties.



To address this challenge, we initiated a series of strategic optimizations. This included fine-tuning bid strategies and reallocating campaign budgets to favor the most profitable ones. As part of budget optimization, we deactivated campaigns with lower profitability, ensuring a more cost-efficient allocation of resources. Simultaneously, to safeguard organic positions and corresponding sales, we implemented a gentle optimization approach for campaigns featuring top-performing keywords.



Within just one month, our efforts led to significant improvements in advertising metrics, achieving the following outcomes:

  • A remarkable 53% reduction in ACoS compared to May, with a consistent downward trend in ACoS.
  • A sustained and improved conversion rate, maintaining a level of 12-13% over the past three months (compared to a conversion rate of 10.37% in May).
  • Despite facing substantial budget constraints, we successfully maintained our positions in organic search results, safeguarding our presence and sales in this competitive landscape.

In summary, our strategic optimizations successfully tackled the challenge of high ACoS and product rating. These efforts led to notable improvements in advertising metrics, including reduced ACoS and enhanced conversion rates, all while maintaining a strong presence in organic search results.

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