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We have been managing this brand for an extended period, consistently achieving significant positive outcomes. However, we occasionally encounter challenges related to inventory delivery to our warehouse. Specifically, in the month of June, our best-selling products went out of stock, necessitating our efforts to maintain positive profitability.



Despite the inventory challenges, we remained dedicated to sustaining and even improving our advertising performance. We executed a comprehensive lifetime analysis, implemented various optimizations, and strategically reallocated campaign budgets. These actions led to a consistent reduction in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) over this period. Remarkably, as of this month, we have already reached a level of profitability similar to what we achieved when our top products were readily available.



The restocking of our top-performing products has positioned us for further substantial profit expansion. Our efforts have yielded positive results, including:

  • Consistent reduction in ACoS, highlighting improved cost-efficiency.
  • The successful maintenance of profitability even during a challenging period of inventory scarcity.
  • A promising outlook for additional profit growth as we restock and continue to manage the brand.

Despite the intermittent inventory challenges, our strategic approach and dedication to optimization have allowed us to navigate these hurdles and continue to achieve positive outcomes for the brand.

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