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When we initially took on this project, the customer was managing several advertising campaigns, and the primary issue revolved around the seasonality of their product. Specifically, the product had a high search volume for only about 4-5 months per year, posing a challenge in achieving consistent results. To address this, we began with a comprehensive product audit.




Recognizing the seasonality challenge, we engaged in strategic planning. We calculated and proposed to the customer the quantity of items needed to achieve their goals during the peak season. While awaiting new stock and the start of the season for this product, we proactively addressed listing problems and expanded the account structure. This expansion involved the creation of new campaigns with different types of targeting. Additionally, we conducted a thorough analysis to identify the best-performing placements and conducted aggressive optimizations within these campaigns to ensure our product received top-of-the-search impressions.




The outcomes of our efforts were highly positive, leading to significant improvements in the advertising performance, including:

  • A notable decrease in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS).
  • Increased advertising sales, highlighting the success of our campaign adjustments.
  • A substantial rise in the number of orders, indicating improved customer engagement and conversion.

In conclusion, our strategic approach, which included proactive planning for seasonality, listing enhancements, and campaign expansion, delivered excellent results for the customer. These improvements not only optimized their advertising spend but also significantly increased sales and customer engagement during the high-demand periods of the year.

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