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Shefa, a family-owned business founded in 1992, has long been a trusted supplier of disposable plastic products in physical stores across Manchester. In 2020, recognizing the immense potential of the online marketplace, the company made a strategic decision to enter the Amazon UK market.

At RPGECOM, we're thrilled to share the incredible transformation of Shefa's e-commerce venture. It's a story that highlights the substantial obstacles Shefa encountered and the innovative solutions we, as their dedicated partner, put into action. These efforts led to a remarkable 300% surge in revenue in just one year.
This success story serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and expert guidance in the ever-evolving world of Amazon and e-commerce.



Within just six months of becoming an Amazon seller, the brand owner found themselves overwhelmed by the technical intricacies of managing their account, coupled with a limited understanding of how to boost revenue and foster their brand's growth on Amazon. After conducting a thorough account assessment, we identified three distinct groups of challenges.

1. Challenges in Optimizing Listings:
•    Limited investment in creating product listings.
•    Lack of a well-defined launching strategy.

2. Creative Asset and Branding Challenges:
•    Insufficient creative assets.
•    Lack of branding and design consistency across their product range.

3. Sales and Marketing Challenges:
•    Low conversion rates.
•    Minimal SEO efforts.
•    Unprofessional copywriting.



Comprehensive Brand Audit
We initiated a thorough brand audit, involving creative, logistics, brand, listing, and PPC experts. This step aimed to identify weaknesses and opportunities within Shefa's Amazon presence.
Data-Driven Recommendations
Following the audit, we generated data-driven recommendations from each expert, ensuring a holistic approach to address Shefa's challenges.
Multi-Level Strategy Formation
With the expert recommendations in hand, we designed a multi-level strategy. This strategy covered vital aspects of account development, long-term brand growth goals, and the establishment of clear monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Execution and Daily Management
The strategy was then put into action, encompassing activities such as creative makeovers, SKU launches, review acquisition, and PPC campaign restructuring. We implemented hands-on daily management to ensure ongoing optimization.



  • 1. Creative Transformation
    Leveraged our in-house studio for a comprehensive creative makeover, developed a brand story, enhanced creative assets, including premium A+ content and videos, and created an advanced brand store.
  • 2. Brand Expansion
    Devised a brand launching strategy for new SKUs and relaunched select existing SKUs.
  • 3. Review Enhancement
    Acquired initial reviews through the Vine program and merged variations to boost review counts.
  • 4. Optimized Listings
    Crafted new listing copy based on thorough keyword research.
  • 5. PPC Campaign Restructuring
    Restructured the entire PPC campaigns to improve performance.
  • 6. Daily Account Management
    Implemented hands-on daily management to ensure continuous account optimization.



1. An impressive 37% average conversion rate (CVR) among the top 7 best-selling products. This remarkable CVR highlights the effectiveness of the strategies in driving customer engagement and sales.
2. Storefront sales - An additional revenue of over 10,000 GBP generated after the establishment of a brand storefront.
3. Growth observed after Q1 2022, following the comprehensive creative and listing upgrades we implemented.
4. The overall revenue achieved during the first full year under RPGECOM's management.
5. A remarkable 2160% increase in revenue achieved in just 8 months under RPGECOM's management.
6. The PPC results over the lifetime of the campaign have shown consistent growth in PPC sales while simultaneously reducing ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales)
7. Additional Benefit 1: A substantial gain of 322 new subscribers in 2023.
Additional Benefit 2: An impressive achievement of 56,000 GBP in B2B sales in 2023



The implemented strategies at the end of 2021 led to outstanding outcomes for Shefa's Amazon presence. The brand witnessed:

  • Shefa achieved a remarkable 2160% growth in revenue within 8 months.
  • A 37% average conversion rate (CVR) was achieved among the top 7 best-selling products.
  • A significant increase in product visibility and conversions was observed.
  • Over 10,000 GBP in extra revenue was generated after setting up a brand storefront.
  • A growth in PPC sales while decreasing ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) was consistently maintained.
  • An impressive 322 new subscribers were gained in 2023.
  • B2B sales reached a substantial 56,000 GBP in 2023.
  • In the first full year under RPGECOM management, total revenue witnessed remarkable growth.

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