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At RPGECOM, our journey with Saryna Key, a popular hair cosmetics brand, began in November 2021. We faced an initial challenge of limited sales, with just 136 units per month due to issues such as the absence of the Buy Box and the presence of hijackers. However, our strategic efforts brought about a remarkable transformation.



We encountered several challenges when we started working with the popular Saryna Key brand:

  1. Hijackers: Dealing with unauthorized sellers and hijackers who posed a threat to the brand's reputation and sales.
  2. Lack of Buy Box: Many listings lacked the Buy Box, leading to missed sales opportunities and low visibility.
  3. Competitive Pricing: Other sellers had set prices lower than Saryna Key's retail prices, making it hard to compete effectively.




As a certified Amazon SPN agency, we devised a comprehensive strategy to overcome these challenges:

  1. Buy Box Control: We proactively removed other sellers from Saryna Key listings, regaining control of the Buy Box. This allowed us to set competitive prices and gain better visibility.
  2. Listing Optimization: Recognizing the importance of Amazon-specific content, we provided Saryna Key with creative consulting to revamp their Amazon listings. This included enhancing product images, adding Premium A+ content, and weaving brand stories into the listings.
  3. Hijacker Mitigation: We implemented robust measures to address and prevent hijackers, protecting the brand's reputation and sales.
  4. Bundling and Promotions: We introduced bundles, coupons, and discounts to incentivize purchases, which contributed to increased sales volume.
  5. Subscribe and Save: By growing the number of subscribers, we successfully implemented the "Subscribe and Save" feature, converting one-time buyers into repeat customers. From having no subscribers, we now boast a consistent base of more than 100 monthly subscribers.
  6. SEO and Descriptions: To improve discoverability and inform potential customers, we added comprehensive product descriptions and optimized listings for search engines.
  7. Multimedia Enhancements: We enhanced product listings with videos, providing shoppers with a richer and more engaging shopping experience.
  8. PPC Campaigns: We ran PPC campaigns with a careful eye on efficiency, achieving a lifetime ACoS of 29% and a TACoS of 14%.



The results of our efforts with Saryna Key have been nothing short of astounding:

  1. Sales Growth: We took Saryna Key's monthly sales from a mere 136 units to a range of 700-1000 units, depending on the season.
  2. Hijacker Mitigation: We successfully addressed and prevented hijackers, safeguarding the brand's reputation and sales.
  3. Subscribe and Save: The "Subscribe and Save" feature led to over 100 monthly subscribers, creating a steady source of recurring revenue.
  4. Optimized Listings: Our revamped Amazon listings, complete with multimedia elements and engaging content, further improved product discoverability and conversion rates.
  5. PPC Efficiency: Our PPC campaigns proved efficient, with a lifetime ACoS of 29% and a TACoS of 14%.
  6. Market Expansion: We are now in the process of expanding Saryna Key's presence into Canada, eBay, Faire, and Europe, opening up new avenues for growth and brand visibility.

In conclusion, at RPGECOM, we take pride in our partnership with the popular Saryna Key brand. This case study reflects our expertise as an Amazon marketing and consulting agency, showcasing how we successfully transformed Saryna Key's Amazon presence, achieved substantial growth, and protected the brand from hijackers, positioning it for further expansion into new markets.
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